Art Auction 2016


Sunday, April 24, 2016

AA poster 2016Thank you to all who came out on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to join us at our 19th annual Art Auction at the Blue Parrot Bistro. Stay tuned for photos and news about door prizes and the grand total in funds raised!

Over the years, our Art Auction has become one of the area’s most popular community events—and one of our most significant fundraisers. Auction proceeds help underwrite expenses incurred in working with landowners to create conservation easements, our fundamental tool in accomplishing our mission of preserving the rural lands and heritage of Adams County.

Take a look at the artwork donated to the auction this year by local and regional artists and art collectors who stand in support of our mission of preserving the rural lands and character of Adams County.

Questions? Give us a call at (717) 334-2828. Can’t make it to the auction? Learn about proxy bidding here.

We want to thank those who have donated to this year’s auction so far:  Kelly Alsedek, Carl Barrick, Leslie Best, Judy Hoffman Bolton, Karen Walter Bowling, Robert Daniel, Wally Davis & Fran Drago, Loy Elliott, Thomas Feldmann, Joan Hankey, Dustin Heisey, Kirby Heltebridle, Phyu Phyu Khin, Con Knorr II, Don Knox, Susan Krick, Arline Slifer Kump, Laverne & Brenda Leese, Gary & Tina Lowenthal, Sarah Maclay, Donald MacLean, Jim McCabe, Arlyn Pettingell, Janet Powers, Freya Qually, Janice Broussard Rhoads, Don Rinehart, Catharine Roth, Melissa Sandoe, Nancy Sias, Dolores Sneeringer, John & Linda Sokolovich, Jeanne Stevens-Sollman, Mary Margaret Stewart, Susan Tenzyk, Dora Townsend, Pat Unger, and to those who have websites:

Darah Gardner, Geoff Grant, Bob Grudberg, Barb Pennypacker, Bob McIlhenny, Roberta Staat, David Weaver, Jack Handshaw, Erin Brown, Robyn Jacobs, Jim Whetstone, Eric Miller, Dorothea Barrick, Brian Steinberger, Sarah Jacobs, Jeff Asper, John Kamerer, Cookie Driscoll, Wendy Heiges, Anita Tosten, Larry Brogan, Steven Nevada, Tim Hirneisen, Andrea Miller Theisson, Vickie Curtis, Kim Asper, Ted Scarpino, Lord Nelson’s Gallery, Dan Mangan, bobbi becker, Casey Martin, Lisa Gohr Harman, Nanette Hatzes, Geoffrey Thulin