Art Auction 2016


Sunday, April 24, 2016

LCAC Art Auction 4-24-16  202
It was a gorgeous spring afternoon on Sunday, April 24, but a healthy crowd of land preservationists and art enthusiasts braved the sunshine and warm breezes to gather at the Blue Parrot Bistro for our 19th annual Art Auction.

The atmosphere was festive, and the bidding was lively—and together we raised more than $22,000 in support of land preservation in beautiful Adams County. Spirited (but always friendly) bidding wars broke out occasionally, such as among fans of Bob McIlhenny’s “Frigate,” which ultimately sold for $410. Also especially popular among bidders were Nancy Sias’s “Home from the Lake,” which sold for $1700, and Jim McCabe’s “South Mountain,” which sold for $850.

LCAC Art Auction 4-24-16  103The Art Auction has always been a highlight of the year for us, and this year’s Auction certainly continued that tradition. In addition to an especially energetic live auction, which was interspersed with a series of groan-worthy puns by auctioneer Randy Hilker, we held a silent auction of approximately a dozen works, including a series a hand-built bluebird boxes painted by popular local artists including Lisa Harman, Bobby Becker, Jim McCabe, and Erin Brown.

LCAC Art Auction 4-24-16  248We are ever grateful to Holly and Allison Giles, owners of the Blue Parrot, for hosting our auction for 19 years at no charge. We also thank our auctioneer/comedian Randy Hilker, the team of volunteers who plan and run the event, and especially the bidders who came out to join us in our mission of preserving the rural lands and character of beautiful Adams County.