We say it all the time: The Land Conservancy is a nonprofit, member-supported land trust … And when we say “member-supported,” we mean it! The support we receive from our members is absolutely crucial not only to our mission of preserving the rural lands and heritage of Adams County—but also to our survival as an organization. Membership dues pay our bills (like phone, supplies, salaries, and benefits) and cover the costs associated with land preservation that aren’t reimbursed by our outside funding sources (and those can be considerable!).
Membership starts at just $35 for individuals and includes our quarterly newsletter, our monthly e-newsletter, invitations to join us at our Annual Dinner and Summer Picnic, and the joy of knowing that you’re helping to preserve the beautiful and valuable rural lands of Adams County. Won’t you join—or renew your membership—today? Just complete and return this form, or give us a call at (717) 334-2828.

Not sure whether your membership is current? Just drop us a line and we’ll let you know! Land Conservancy members are the backbone of preservation efforts in beautiful Adams County. 

Membership levels:

    • Individual  $35
    • Family  $60
    • Sponsor  $100
    • Patron  $250
    • Sustainer $500
    • Preserver $1000

Protect the land you love. What is it about Adams County’s rural lands that you love most? Is it the sparkling waters of the Narrows? The rolling orchards of our northern Fruit Belt? The open pasturelands and horse country to the southeast? Our lush and leafy woodlands? The Land Conservancy has worked for more than two decades to protect Adams County’s beautiful and economically valuable rural lands. To date we’ve permanently protected 10,150 acres of land, but we know that many of the county’s rural treasures are still at risk, and we continue to work to conserve these important areas before it’s too late. With your help, we can make a different in the present and future of Adams County. Won’t you join us in protecting our beautiful and valuable rural lands and character?