Upcoming volunteer opportunities…


Do you enjoy planning events? Or helping to pull them off? We could use some helpful hands on our Events Committee. Pick an event you’re interested in (like our Annual Dinner & Silent Auction, Art Auction, Summer Picnic, or Road Rally) and focus on that, or help us come up with ideas for new events!

And while we’re discussing events, Rally Master Jeff Glahn is hoping to find an Assistant Rally Master to help him organize another exciting Road Rally next October. Are you good with details? Love exploring our gorgeous countryside? This could be the job for you!

If either of these opportunities sounds fun and/or rewarding, please drop us a line!

The Watershed Alliance of Adams County has received a grant from the South Mountain Partnership to convert three acres of Adams County stream bank—about a half-mile—into forested riparian buffers. (Riparian buffers are strips of vegetation lining stream banks that protect the stream from pollution caused by stormwater runoff. The importance of riparian buffers to keeping our streams clean and healthy for wildlife, recreation—and our drinking water—cannot be overstated.) 

The Watershed Alliance has planned a riparian buffer planting project for Friday & Saturday, April 28 & 29—and volunteers are needed! If you’d like to help plant some trees along a lovely Adams County stream—and meet some friendly land conservationists while you’re improving our water quality—please contact Pat Naugle at (717) 334-1142.